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This mix of energy allows you to combine your fearlessness with compassion for others, which can make you a very successful leader! You are loyal to your friends and colleagues and eager to take certain people with you on your way to the top. Born on this cusp, your intuitive knowledge is joined by an impulsive -- sometimes immature -- need to act.

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Sometimes you will luck and find success this way, but others may not be comfortable going along on your ride. Because you were born on the Cusp of Rebirth, you have a passionate imagination that allows you to craft new and different opinions, theories, and stories.

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You are an innovative pioneer who can easily understand the needs of others and take the best course of action. Your ability to churn out ideas, solutions, and plans makes you an exceptional leader. You know how to solve problems creatively and have the energy to act and make concrete decisions. Your different way of looking at the world and willingness to share with others can sometimes be off-putting in social settings.

You love to dive into deep subjects quickly with anyone who is willing to listen, and while this can make fast friends for those willing to engage, it can also make other people quite uncomfortable. You tend to latch on to your beliefs and can be very stubborn when someone challenges you. Enjoy the debate!

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Try to relax and have a fun, diverse conversation with those who disagree with you. Air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius will love staying up all night talking together and sharing unique ideas and dreams. Cancer is figured in Giovanni Maria Falconetto 's painting, Cancer , as the guardian of the city of Verona. In the 14th c. Arabic manuscript, Book of Wonders.

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Cultural and historical depictions of Cancer. Allen, Richard Hinckley Star-names and Their Meanings.

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